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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the page larger than my internet browser's window?
A: This web site is designed for viewing on high-resolution monitors. Suggested resolution upon design was 1280x1024.

Q: How come this page looks odd in Internet Explorer?
A: This web site was designed to comply with Netscape Navigator, thus it may appear different on Internet Explorer. Try using Netscape (since it's a multiplatform standard for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unixes); also Mozilla Firefox would work as well.

Q: Why do does it takes a long time for these pictures to show up?
A: They are rather large files which are automatically resized to fit the html frame, therefore it might take a while for them to show up. It's normal. If you're on 56k, give it a minute or so.

Q: What can I do if some images don't appear?
A: Try clicking on Refresh button on your internet browser.

Q: How come these images appear pixelated?
A: These images are automatically resized to fit the html format of the page, therefore, they may appear in lower quality, or have a different ratio, thus creating pixelation effect.

Q: Some images appear to have distortions, why is that?
A: The images on this web site are a quick scan that I made, so you might notice some imperfections due to scanning method. I do have very well developed images though.

Q: Where can I et Netscape Navigator?
A: You can get it at

Q: Which images are yours?
A: All pictures on the entire web site belong to me and were shot by me.

Q: Can I use them?
A: Ask me first, that's all it takes. Notice I do have hotlink protection; so the best way around it is to simply ask.

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