Macintosh Free: The Reality


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Apple Computer has made many statements which contradict themselves, or in fact were lies. Take a look below.


Here we have Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer claiming that PowerPC architecture (which apple uses) is superior to Intel x86 (pc) architecture, claiming that apple's are faster.

The pciture to the right shows the hypocrisy of apple in finally admitting they were making false claims since 1995, by showing that Intel based chips are in fact better and faster than the ones apple used.


And here we have a screenshot of apple's web site (Feb. 13, 2006); which claims the Intel IS faster than PowerPC.

Bottom Line: Apple Lied.

Probably the biggest one of all: That Macs don't have viruses, security flaws and malware. In fact, although they are used only by 10% of all computer users, ALREADY DOZENS of malware/hacks/security flaws/viruses/worms have been found. Take a look at the link below (and scroll down to see the virus section).

Quick list of malware/viruses and other trouble with Mac OS X.

Bottom Line: Macs get tons of worms and malware, just like Windows.

It's amazing how people view Apple as the 'alternative' to Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft is painted as the greedy, close-minded, no options, and money driven evil empire. Now; let's compare:

  • OS Options: Windows: 3.1; NT 4.0, 95, 98, 98 SE, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home, XP Professional, 2003 Server, Vista. (all Windows family; 11 Operating Systems)
  • Creating Monopoly (Windows)
  • Windows although in monopoly, does not restrict the user to specific hardware.
  • Overcharging for Windows.
  • Microsoft suggests using other Microsoft products: such as MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live, Windows Messenger.
  • Overcharges for MacOS.
  • Gives only 2 Operating System choices: MacOS and MacOS Server.
  • Creates monopoly: You have to buy hardware ONLY from Apple.
  • More monopoly: Prevents competitors from even using or emulating MacOS.
  • Overcharges for hardware: look in this web site's 'Price Comparison' section:
  • Forces people to use Apple's products (just like Microsoft): for example iLife, iChat.
  • Does not permit ANY competitor's hardware, unless the competitor PAYS apple for designing a mac-compatible product.
  • Apple DOES NOT permit selling any software in the stores (under Mac sections) before the software is not 'screened for problems' with Apple: meaning the producer of the software MUST PAY ROYALTY FEES to apple just for trying to sell a product.
  • Greed: Apple in 1998 deliberately closed down any mac clones: that is companies which made computers which could run MacOS. Apple's reason was 'they're stealing our profits.'  Look:

Bottom Line: Apple is not a "different" alternative to Microsoft. It offers other product(s), however, the same mentality: greed, no other options, against competition, and very much proftis driven.