Macintosh Free: The Reality

Apple's Faulty Designs in Hardware
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Apple computer has made efforts to maximize their profits, yet use cheap parts in their hardware, while keeping the price high. Take a look at some of the hardware they made.

Apple PowerBook computers have been known to set on fire! (cheap bettery)

Apple Recalls their hardware (fire hazard)

Yet another recall (battery)


Please notice the scratches (which apple considers normal wear-and -tear) on this product after just a few days of use. Apple iPods have been known to be scratachable even by figernails!

Customers had to sue Apple for using cheap parts in iPods...

iPod design fault (BBC coverage)


Apple used cheap enclosure plastic for their G4 Cube computer, which resulted in cracks in the casing due to the heat released from the computer.

Apple G4 Cube computer CRACKS if used for couple of hours at a time! (from CNN)

Cracks in the cube-from Geek News.



Apple's PowerBook computers are known to set on fire! (cheap bettery)