Macintosh Free: The Reality

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A few important remarks and comparisons between the PC's and apples.

-You can built your own PC, you cannot custom-make a mac.

-90% of hardware upgrades come out for PC market first.

-PC hardware is cheaper than mac hardware, which makes upgrades cheaper.

-Macs can run only 10% of the software designed for all computer systems.

-They're not compatible with many web sites.

-Macs lag bedind in developement of applications. Prime example is iChatAV--it came out for mac in 2005, when PC's had video conferencing already in 1995.

-In order to upgrade a mac, you need to buy rare 'mac compatible' hardware.

-Maintaining apples is more expensive: apple technitians are on average 25% more costly.

Our ('s) motto:
"if you're looking for a healthy alternative to Microsoft, support the community (FreeBSD), not the corporation exploiting it (Apple)."

Here are some articles/journals/blogs about Apple found all over the web. Enjoy the lecture :)