Macintosh Free: The Reality

Truth about MacOS X
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There are many misconceptions about MacOS X: that there are no viruses, that it never crashes, that it's more stable. False.


If MacOS doesn't crashes, what is the reason for the FORCE QUIT applications? (it's the same as Ctrl+Alt+Delete on Windows)


Yes, application crashes are as frequent as in Windows.


If there were no viruses/malware in MacOS X, why would we have Antivirus suites for MacOS X?

Yes, Macs get viruses too.

Letely viruses sprung up for Mac OS X too. Read this.

Mac OS X got hacked...and as easily as Windows (although less than 10% off computer users use apples)

Yet another security hole found in just one week.

Apple releases security patches which don't fix the problem.

20 more vulnerabilities have been recently found in Mac OS X

2 more worms found for the Mac OS X

From this (this is just five minutes of research work), you can notice that apple's security flaws and malware/virus count is almost as high as that of Windows. Interesting... That's a great myth buster!